Connect - Collaborate - Engage

Source candidates, conduct assessments and interviews, roll out offers - all with one account

Campus Connect

Bridges corporates and pre-screened candidates, streamlining recruitment process and hiring management. Target branding and promotions.

skill assessment

An all-in-one online assessment platform with tailored tests, analytics, and AI-powered skills assessment for tech domain.

train & deploy

An integrated solution combining recruitment, training, and event management to streamline hiring, upskill candidates, and provide cost-effective talent acquisition within organizations

Find top talent at lightening speed


Amplifying your recruiting talent reach, minimizing your sourcing efforts.


Effortlessly establish valuable connections with potential hires through tailored, automated email campaigns for smooth end-to-end recruitment.


Enhance your talent pool with confidence by our thoroughly vetted online assessments, backed by years of comprehensive research. Predict performance and remove bias.


AI-powered video interviews that bring clarity and convenience to your hiring process with data-driven insights.


A smart employee onboarding solution. It begins with targeted lead generation, followed by personalized product demos, proposal sharing, test analysis, and interview scheduling, all aimed at ensuring smooth, responsive, and efficient recruitment for our clients.






All in one Recruitment software

Job Posting and Outreach

Reach top talent effortlessly with our all-in-one platform, connecting candidates across 4000+ colleges, launching targeted job campaigns, across multiple social media platforms.

Effective Candidates Management

Guide applicants seamlessly from first contact to contract signing, enhancing their journey with personalized emails, well-timed job offers, and a smooth finalization process.

Smart Interviews

Boost your hiring process with MyAnatomy's Live Coding Interview – a real-time, interactive platform to assess and recruit the finest coders remotely.

Vetted Candidates

We take the stress out of the hiring process by supplying rigorously vetted candidates, perfectly suited to meet the unique needs of your company.

Large Pool of Candidates

Access a diverse pool of pre-screened candidates with the skills and expertise your organization needs. Simplify your hiring process and find the perfect fit effortlessly.

Smart Assessments

AI-powered pre-employment assessment to measure critical skills. Backed by top-tier proctoring technology to guarantee cheat-free evaluation.

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