Streamline your recruitment process and identify top talent with ease using our AI-powered Skill Assessments Platform.

Powerful, Cloud-based Online Assessment Platform

Before Assessments

Account manager carefully understands your unique requirements, and deliver tailored solutions. Helps in end-to-end process management.

Job role based technical and non technical skill assessment test designed to assess the core competencies of the candidates. Discover the best fit for the job position.

Pre built question library with over 1 lakh+ questions to choose from. With just one click, access an extensive range of question types - subjective, multiple select, multiple choice, audio, and video.

During Assessments

Auto Test Termination: Automatically terminates tests once suspicious activities are detected.

Live Code: A tool for proctors to observe and guide candidates in real-time during coding assessments.

Knockout Feature: Filters out under qualified applicants, ensuring only the eligible ones proceed with the assessment.

After Assessments

In-depth Analytics: The reporting dashboard provides comprehensive candidate report analytics.

Convenient report sharing options e.g: PDF, Excel, Public URL, SMS.

Document Collection: Facilitates post-interview formalities via direct platform-based document collection.

Active interaction with candidates through notifications, emails, and announcements.

Test Candidates for Job Specific Skills

Leverage AI-powered skill assessments to test candidates on job-specific skills like coding potential, cognitive ability, analytical & aptitude tests, english proficiency, and much more! Gain insights into their true potential and make informed hiring decisions with ease.

Score and Rank Your Candidates Automatically

Grading is done for you, so there's no need for you to spend time or effort marking each response. MyAnatomy does the grading itself using set rules and works out the score for each person and automatically ranks based on their skill test performance.

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AI-Powered Proctoring: Smarter Exam Monitoring Technology

Our AI-powered platform uses smart proctoring to prevent cheating, ensuring you choose the right candidate.

1. Video and Audio Monitoring: Checking candidate's video and audio feed to red raise flags in case of any suspicious activity.
2. Browser Tracking: Monitoring browser transitions to issue alerts.
3. Periodic Image Capturing: Evaluating images of candidates captured at consistent time-frames.

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Set up an Online Interview, Right after Assessment Test

Our platform makes interviewing a breeze. You get to pick a time that works for you, removing the hassle of coordinating schedules.

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Our Unique Whiteboard Feature

MyAnatomy's live coding/whiteboard feature lets the candidate display their coding talent in real-time. Candidate writes your code, run it, and both of you can see the results instantly.

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