Skill Assessment

Our digital talent platform allows you to create and conduct highly reliable assessments, tailored to your specific requirements. Evaluate your students' proficiency in academics, core competencies, coding acumen, technical expertise, and communication skills.


Our bespoke training sessions are specially designed to cater the college specific or the visiting company. We deliver role/domain-specific preparation, ensuring students are primed for campus recruitment. Get trained, get ahead with MyAnatomy.


Our Learning Management System (LMS) allows mentors from across the country to share their knowledge and expertise by creating courses on the platform. All a student has to do is register and voila- a world of diverse skills and competencies awaits them. This feature allows students to expand their learning beyond college, acquiring new skills.


A preliminary/standardized test administered by the team of experts from MyAnatomy and other partnering entities of N.C.E.T to identify basic competencies toward employability scope in students.

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Unlock Endless Placement Opportunities

Connect to hundreds of corporates through campus events like job fairs, internships, and hackathons. Boost your students' placement experience.

Effortlessly Manage Student Placements

Manage your entire student database on a single, user-friendly dashboard with advanced filtering capabilities, making the placement process more efficient and effective.

Prepare Your Students for Successful Placements

Efficiently assess and measure candidates' potential across academics, core competencies, coding skills, technical knowledge, and interpersonal abilities.


Customizable Question Library

Flexible Test templates Designs and Creations

AI & ML Based Cheating Prevention Mechanism

Robust and Unbiased Reporting Dashboard

All-in-one Reporting Dashboard

API Integration's

Pre-Employment Mock Assessments

National Competence & Employability Test (N.C.E.T)

Customizable Question Library

Choose questions from our extensive question library to test candidates across a wide variety of skills. Feel like building your own questions? Simply create highly accurate assessments for different competencies